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Penis Strecher to rely on the legs, each layer at least forty Penis Strecher two small two, five layers is 200 people, plus the cook, miscellaneous or something, need Four hundred people. Now Yancheng s artificial drop, even if the average worker s wages are 400 yuan, they will get one Penis Strecher hundred and sixty silver a month. Working money is only a small part of the cost. The candlesticks, oil lamps Penis Strecher and kitchen fires consumed by the large restaurants are also small. Ingredients are the bulk of the cost. However, there Penis Strecher is also a commercial tax, which is one fifth of the sales tax. Even if the restaurant loses money, the business tax will take so much. If you want to work, in the evening, you will have to light.up the five floors. Otherwise, you will only open two floors. If you have more than three floors, you will not light up the black, and you will have a decadent image. Who will come to the restaurant to eat With such a large restaurant, if you want to make money, the five story building will Penis Strecher have a seating rate of at least 50. The previous positioning of the restaurant was high grade, and a bowl Penis Strecher of chicken noodle soup sold for twe

nty eight coins. Only the rich people could eat it. But as extenze coupon far as I Penis Strecher know, most of the rich people s banquets are in their own homes, or ask the chefs to Going to the Penis Strecher kitchen, such as Yan Wang, several generals, their chefs in the palace, the guests are all in the house. Most of the Dream of Red Mansions in the four famous books are eaten in the house. The restaurant opens again and cannot be positioned high end. She originally wanted to open Sichuan cuisine, no peppers, 2016 male enhancement best male enhancement australia and replaced them with cockroaches. Penis Strecher However, after changing the Yancheng restaurant on site, how to make penes bigger she changed her Penis Strecher mind. Because the restaurant is too Penis Strecher Penis Strecher large and can.t attract many guests for many years, it is bold and innovative. It cites the previous business model Penis Strecher and turns Yancheng Restaurant into a comprehensive commercial building integrating food, shopping, entertainment and shopping. The first and second floors are buffet restaurants. That s right, it s a buffet. In the big cities of the past, as long as you open penis enlargement newsletter a buffet restaurant in a crowded area, open a fire. After one of her college classmates changed jobs, she did not let the

Penis Strecher

government arrange work. She went directly to the sea to open a buffet restaurant, barbecue and meat. The business was not working, even if the guests were able to fill it from Monday to Friday, the holiday guests would have to Waiting in line. Penis Strecher This university student has a good relationship with her. She knows that she is an orphan. She Penis Strecher has no place to go to the pro family every year. She always calls her to play, and wraps the bag, eats and drinks. Under the arduous circumstances, she went, stayed in the second tier city for ten days, and ate three meals in the buffet restau.rant opened by the university classmates. The chicken wings, duck meat, beef, chicken heart, etc. Beef, duck intestines, etc., as well as cold dish, braised duck head, etc., hot dishes have braised pork, home made tofu, and there are more than a dozen pasta snacks Penis Strecher and Penis Strecher fruit drinks, and the impression is quite impressive. It seems Penis Strecher that one person Penis Strecher is sixty five yuan, the student is ten yuan cheaper, the old man is sixty five years old and half price, and everyone s holiday is up ten yuan. Listening to college Penis Strecher students said that t

his price is mid range in the local area, Penis Strecher and the high end buffet needs one or two hundred yuan. At that time, she also asked sillyly, The variety Penis Strecher of foods eaten in your family african angel male enhancement tonic s buffet restaurant is only sixty five yuan. The Penis Strecher diners will eat it casually. Will you lose money The university classmates talked and said, There is no loss in the buffet. The chefs used in the buffet do not need to be culinary chefs, nor do they use so many cooks in ordinary restaurants, which saves some labor costs. The buffet restaurant, the ingredien.ts used throughout the year are the same, the recipes have not changed male penis growth pills much, the wholesale dick pump review ingredients are cheaper and less expensive. The buffet has a large passenger flow, male enhancement that porn stars use suitable for Penis Strecher Penis Strecher both men and women, every day is full, some people have a big Penis Strecher appetite, some have a small appetite, comprehensive It will be flat. All in all, opening a buffet restaurant is sure to make money, and Penis Strecher male enhancement surgery 2017 it is also Penis Strecher the safest. The third floor and the fourth floor are al