Behaviour Problems

Behaviour Problems

Behavioral Problems – Children and adolescents may have problems in their behaviour which may be difficult to handle, extreme or outside the norm for their age.

Some common behaviour problems for children include:

Externalising Behaviours

Excessive Crying

Anger outbursts



Fussy Eating

Picking fights with peers



Internalizing behaviours

  • Withdrawn
  • Anxious
  • Aloof
  • Poor interaction with playmates
  • Depressed Behaviours
How can we handle these Behaviour problems?

Behaviour is the outward manifestation of what is going inside the child’s mind.

What we do at GCWC ?

Behaviour manifestation is actually tip of the iceberg. It is crucial to know details of the problematic behaviour in terms of its frequency, intensity, precipitating factors, maintaining factors.

More often than not, behaviours could be a part of a disorder or syndrome. The key to changing behaviour is to understand it first. That is where our team of experts including Psychiatrist, Child Psychologist, counsellors come into the picture. They follow a structured format of:

1. Functional Behaviour Analysis

2. Detailed Family History

3. Structured Evaluation to assess the presence of any disorder

4. Engineering Behaviour Modification programme

The usual B.E.S.T (Behaviour and Emotional Structuring Therapy) programme can last anywhere between 6-12 sessions, followed by booster programmes. The booster sessions ensure that the modified behaviour is reinforced and maintained.

“It takes a village to raise a child and we have a village”

Behavioral Problems