Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is the first step to identify a problem and make a diagnosis.

At Global Child Wellness Centre , we put emphasis on getting a child assessed fully before starting any kind of therapy. With a team of expert psychologists, all kinds of testing is done and evaluated at the centre

An assessment may include observation (general or play ), interviews with the child, interview with the parents, testing and even consultation with other school counsellors, teachers or other allied professionals.

After getting an assessment, generally it takes 7 to 10 days for a report . This helps to identify your child’s strength and weakness and will lead to recommendations for behaviour as well as academic inputs.


  • IQ testing
  • Learning disability testing
  • Autism
  • Rosharch
  • Adhd
  • 16 PF
  • TAT
  • CAT
  • Multi assessment dimensional scale
  • SFBT
  • Occupational stress index