Out Station Services

Out Station Services

The comfort of one’s home and the natural environment it provides, is the best the place for a child to learn, grow, literary comparison essay example seek, recover and even for families to bond and heal.

When a problem is diagnosed, like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other Developmental Disorder, the parents need the support of extended family, neighbours and relatives to deal with the issue, to plan the sessions, to work out ways to work with the child.

We at GCWC understand that “It takes a village to raise the child”

Our team of experts works with the family to develop a home plan that is personalised according to the needs of the child and family. Our team empathetically works out a plan that includes:

  • Basic Understanding and Discussion session
  • Testing and Diagnosis
  • Psycho-education :Discussing the results and diagnosis
  • Family Counselling
  • Working with the family to conduct initial therapy sessions
  • Empowering and training the parent to work themselves with the child
  • Feedback sessions

A few initial sessions conducted in person, set the tone for the following therapy. It allows our team to understand and educate families to carry on therapy plan at home. The plan can be then followed up at home. We extend complete support to follow up with families, including booster in person sessions, online support and feedbacks.