Is your child having speech delay? Is he not speaking according to his age or has unclear speech?

Welcome to Global Wellness Bathinda, where we provide specialized speech therapy services for children of all ages. We understand that as a parent, it can be difficult to see your child struggle with communication difficulties. That’s why we are here to provide you and your child with the support, tools, and resources you need to overcome those challenges and succeed.

At Global Wellness Bathinda, a child has one on one session with a speech therapist who by various scientific techniques, helps a child in speech problems.


We use the latest techniques and technology to help your child overcome speech and language difficulties. Whether your child needs help with pronunciation, language comprehension, or stuttering, we can provide the personalized treatment and support they need to succeed.

Q: Which Children can benefit at Global Wellness?

  1. Children who have not started speaking at Age of 2 years
  2. Children unable to speak sentences at 3 years
  3. Children with Autism
  4. Stammering
  5. Unclears letters like r, d and l

Q: How do we help Children with Speech problems?

A:  Children take regular classes with an experienced speech therapist for 45 minutes every day and starts overcoming problems of speech. Since many children who are having speech problems also have behavior issues like hyperactivity or tantrums, then a psychologist takes classes with child to improve.


Q: How to start speech therapy in Bathinda?

A:  Assessing communication skills: A speech therapist will first evaluate the child’s language and communication abilities to identify areas of strength and weakness. This assessment can inform the development of a personalized treatment plan.

Developing social communication skills: A speech therapist can work with the child to improve these skills through role-playing, social stories, and other social communication strategies.

Improving language skills:  A speech therapist can work with the child to improve these skills through a range of activities, including word games, picture books, and other interactive exercises.


Q: Are there any specialized tools used to improve the speech of children?

A:  Yes, team at global wellness uses specially crafted tools for children for speech therapy. They help in movement of tongue and strengthens the muscles of mouth to help improve speech development.


Q: Who to contact for speech therapy in Bathinda?

A:  Dr Samta is head of Global Wellness, Bathinda Branch. She has more than 10 years of experience in dealing with children having speech delay, hyperactivity, autism and ADHD. She leads a team of clinical psychologist, speech therapist, special educator, occupational therapist and child psychologist.
She has experience in dealing with children facing speech problems, speech delay, behaviour problems


Q: What all speech problems do we help with?

A: Articulation Disorders: Difficulties producing speech sounds or pronouncing words correctly.

Language Disorders: Difficulties with understanding or using spoken or written language.

Fluency Disorders: Disruptions in the normal flow of speech, such as stuttering.

Voice Disorders: Problems with the quality, pitch, or loudness of the voice.

Pragmatic Disorders: Difficulties with social communication, such as taking turns in conversation or understanding social cues.


Q: What other services are available at Global Wellness Bathinda?

A:  Services

Q: For how much time should we wait before we start seeing results?

A:  More than 90 % parents report positive results within 1 month of classes. Specific target-oriented results can be clearly seen within 3 months. typically, parents who take sessions and work with their children see positive result very quickly.

Speech Therapist in Bathinda

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