Ludhiana’s very own multidisciplinary Child and Adolescent Mental Health service where trained professionals including Child Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Speech therapists, Special educators, Occupational Therapists and Counsellors Work in Harmony with children, parents and caregivers including teachers with a dedicated focus on improved outcomes in mental health and well being.

If children experiencing difficulties do not get the right treatment then they can have problems in academics, social life, personal life, poor self esteem and skills required for day to day life.

Dr Priyanka Kalra

Dr Priyanka Kalra is Consultant Psychiatrist and member of Indian association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She specializes in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr Priyanka believes in providing comprehensive treatment to patients, by providing behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, family therapy wherever required. Hence her treatment includes both medication as well as counselling. She also conducts workshops on Parenting skills, Stress management workshops for students and skill building workshops for teachers.



Mohit Gupta

What parents needed. Reliable guidance to help your children and bring the best out of them.
Best thing the children loved it and wanted to come back again themselves

Ravish Kumar

Best services for all type of counselling service. They have a full team of qualified people which provide holistic treatment.

Rohish Kumar

Their team of a therapist is very good