At Global Child wellness centre, Parenting is one of the most important aspect that we take care of. In this ever evolving age of digital media and cut throat competition, it becomes difficult for children and parents to cope up.

Right from talking to toddlers to entering school , through the teenage years and till graduation, parents face a daunting task of taking correct decisions and providing an interface with the world so that their children become successful in the longer run

Our therapist take up this responsibility in 2 ways

1. At our centre, we take one on one sessions with parents to teach them effective ways to communicate and understand their child so that they develop a bond and resolve conflicts . Parents act as a team with us to resolve various issues of their child such as academic decline, eating disorder, antisocial behaviour and drug abuse. Parents are taught techniques which can be used easily at home with other family members for better manners, habits and behaviour.

2. We take up specialised workshops for schools where our therapists and counsellors explain to parents the importance of effective parenting. These workshops can be tailor made according to the requirement of school . The workshop helps the parents to discuss various questions in a group and help the school as well as parents to handle difficult situation with pre defined solutions from our team