Online Counselling

Online Counselling

We live in a digital age. Time is a luxury for everyone. In our busy lives we find it difficult to leave our work, examples of contrast in literature travel and seek consultation.

GCWC believes that there is nothing that replaces in person consultation. We encourage first consultation as a one on one meeting. Once we are able to assess and make a diagnosis, we formulate a plan and work with the families to extend online consultation and support.

The online consultation would entail

  • Feedback and discussion of previously given home plans
  • Discussion of any urgent issues
  • Support and psycho-education
  • Follow up and up gradation of home plans

We aim at using technology to our advantage, helping the families, assisting them in existing treatment plans; addressing issues, allaying fears and helping them understand problems well. When a child is going through a hard time, a parent may be plagued with worry and anxiety. GCWC has a team of caring experts who are dedicated to extend online support to help answer queries and provide guidance to parents in the comfort of their homes