Internet & Gaming

Internet & Gaming

Internet addiction
Internet and social media (Facebook , Instagram, Youtube) are the latest trends which keep our children hooked for hours. We develop an attachment to our online friends, multi player gaming (Play station or X box) and our lives revolve around it . Internet allows easy access to people with whom we can chat, socialise or exchange our ideas.

When this activity increases to a level that it becomes our impulse to go online every minute, then it becomes an addiction. We feel that we can control or reduce our internet time anytime but are unable to do so.

Similar to other addictions, internet help us to build our fantasy world where we like to spend hours without any actual human interference.

Basic signs of internet addiction
Thinking about the last session on internet and having the urge to go online again
Extra reliance on Internet
Repeated, unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back or stop Internet use
Feeling irritated when unable to go online
Having no or very less communication with family or friends
Constantly telling lies to family members or therapists to hide the overuse of internet
When in low mood, getting hooked to internet for all solutions

What are the effects?
In today’s world, where we are internet has all answers, it is resulting in personal, family, academic and occupational problems. Children are unable to control the flow of information and have the urge to share each and every little detail on internet. They remain aloof and find basic social gatherings awkward.

Children create fake profiles and identities and become online what they see in the fantasy world. They are then incapable of coping with life and find quality of life , very less in real world.

When trying to reduce the use of internet, they become irritated; have severe mood swings, fights with family and friends, headache or anger issues.

What we do at Global Child wellness Centre?
Like any other addiction, we try to find the intrinsic reasons for dependence on internet. With dedicated therapies and motivation enhancement, a child can definitely improve and show signs of involvement in real world. Play therapy , CBT and counselling show very positive signs when done regularly.