Special Education

Special Education

Special education is a form of learning provided to students having learning difficulties, either due to physical disabilities or behaviour problems

At Global Child Wellness Centre, we ensure students are provided with a one on one session with a qualified special educator who teaches the child effectively.

The child goes through psychological assessments first, then a management plan is made by a team comprising of special educator , a psychologist and psychiatrist. It is done to address the areas in which the child has deficits.

Assistive learning and special worksheets are used to help a child.

This is helpful for children with learning disability, adhd , autism and conduct disorder.

The goals of special education at GCWC is to

1. Create a climate effective for children to concentrate and learn

2.To establish appropriate academic and behavioural goals

3. To maximise their potential

4. To support parents and teachers working with children by providing various resources