Moga very own multidisciplinary Child and Adolescent Mental Health service where trained professionals including Child Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Speech therapists, Special educators, Occupational Therapists and Counsellors work in Harmony with children, parents and caregivers including teachers with a dedicated focus on improved outcomes in mental health and well-being.

If children experiencing difficulties do not get the right treatment, then they can have problems in academics, social life, personal life, poor self-esteem and skills required for day-to-day life.


Setup by Dr Priyanka Kalra & Dr Vyom Bhargava, with a vision to provide a platform for children, adolescents and parents where they can come for a consult for any problem or a difficulty, they are facing in day-to-day life.

Already having its head office in Ludhiana, Global Child provides the same quality care that we follow at our head centre. To reach out to every child who needs help; is our mission. From school workshops to college programmes, clinical trainings and working with counsellors and parents, we cover all aspects.

The story that started from 1 room and vision of Dr Priyanka Kalra ,passionate about working in the field of child and adolescent development, which started when she was working in Government Medical College, sector 32, Chandigarh during her post graduate years, has come a long way to establishing a one stop centre, where her journey is accompanied by the best educators and therapist who are equally passionate about making a change in the society.

We invite everybody to join our team and help our goal that no child is left behind. Let us form a team so strong that the future holds a positive meaning for every young person.

Best Speech Therapist in Moga

It takes a village to raise a child… let’s be that village

If you any enquiry you can contact +918146077145

Address: Opp HMC Hospital, Dutt Road, Near Aastha Hospital, Moga

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