Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy in Ludhiana

If your child is not able to speak clearly, pronounce words clearly or is having communication difficulty, then speech therapy is way forward

At Global child wellness centre, a child has one on one session with a speech therapist who by various scientific techniques, helps a child in speech problems.

Our speech therapist will help kids with different kinds of speech difficulties as well as language issues like dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Right from a toddler who has speech delays to an adolescents who have stammering or communication problems, we offer various types of programs.

Some of basic programs we have for kids include:-


    • Articulation problems:Not speaking clearly and making errors in sounds.

    • Fluency problems:Trouble with the flow of speech, such as stuttering.

    • Resonance or voice problems:Trouble with voice pitch, volume and quality.

    • Oral feeding problems:Difficulty with eating, swallowing and drooling.

Along with speech therapy we work with the Occupational Therapist, to work on the Oro motor skills and sensory issues associated with speaking.

We also work in parallel with a psychologist who also works with the child for motivation enhancement. Since many children may also have an associated low self esteem, it is important to work on raising the self esteem and morale of the young persons going through these problems.

Each child / adolescent needs a unique management plan. We work with parents to make a plan that is customised for the needs of the child/adolescent.

As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child” and at GCWC we have a village…

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Speech Therapy in Ludhiana


FAQ’s Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy?
Speech Therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on helping individuals with communication disorders or difficulties related to speech, language, and voice.

What types of conditions or disorders can Speech Therapy help with?
Speech Therapy can help with a wide range of conditions and disorders, including but not limited to stuttering, articulation disorders, voice disorders, language disorders, and speech and language delays.

Who can benefit from Speech Therapy?
Anyone who experiences difficulties with communication, speech, or language can benefit from Speech Therapy. This includes children with developmental delays or disorders, individuals with neurological conditions or injuries, and adults with speech or language disorders.

How can I get started with Speech Therapy?
To get started with Speech Therapy, you can contact a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who specializes in your specific area of need. Your primary care physician, school, or hospital may be able to provide a referral.

What are the benefits of Speech Therapy?
The benefits of Speech Therapy can be far-reaching, and may include improved communication skills, increased confidence and self-esteem, and improved social and academic performance.