Exam Stress

Exam Stress

Exam stress can start in children and adolescents when they start feeling that they can’t cope with revision, or feel pressure from your school or family. They may do well on rest of the days, but as the impending exams approach, they might start worrying. This worry could be due to a number of reasons such as:

  • worry about failing
  • worry about not getting the marks
  • worry that they will be left behind
  • worry that they will not their parents expectations

Exam stress can lead to a number of problems which include poor performance in academics, disturbance in appetite and sleep. With time, child may start fearing exams as such and start feeling that he/she cannot do it.

At Global Child Wellness Centre, we aim at first demystifying exam phobia. We deal with this problem in a fashion which puts the child at ease. Our team of counsellors and experts engage the child in relaxation activities, deep breathing and meditation. We additionally focus on behaviour techniques like systemic desensitization. We set realistic goals for the child to start treating exams not as ‘a matter of life’ but only ‘a part of life’.

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