Child Counselling is a specialised area of counselling where psychologists work with the child by giving him/her an opportunity to express himself/herself. It is a means of helping young person going through problems like stress, anxiety, behaviour problems, anger issues and irritability.

When young people go through stressful life events like change of school, poor academic performance, bullying, loss of a pet, parental discord or separation and so on, the youngsters may find it difficult to cope with such stress.

It is important to understand that the behaviour the young person is showing is a reflection of what is going inside the mind. If left untreated, these problems can lead to a long term implications in his/her life.

They need professional guidance in form of talking and sharing their feelings, using art/music/craft and other means to express their emotions.

The child and adolescent counsellor works through the complex emotions and helps young person handle fear, anger, confusion and sadness.

When does your child need counselling?
Anger outbursts
Persistent Stubborn
Irritable most of the times
Nail biting
Bed wetting
Loss of appetite
Drop in academic performance
Persistent worry and anxiety
How we can help?

At GCWC, we have a team of experts, Psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, special educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists. We form a comprehensive management plan involving children and parents.

Working with children and young people requires patience, time, energy and expertise. It can be done in a setting that is comfortable and friendly to the young person and that is exactly what we offer at GCWC.