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Blogs Importance of Blowing in Speech Therapy

Importance of Blowing in Speech Therapy

speech therapy in ludhiana

Speech therapy in Ludhiana

How does blowing help children development in speech therapy?

Oral motor skills: Blowing bubbles develops the small muscles in your child’s mouth as they pucker their lips and blow bubbles. Strengthening their muscles is important for developing their ability to form clear sounds when speaking and to eat and swallow safely.

Blowing is a basic component of speech mechanism. It improves the respiratory patterns and strength. At Global Child Wellness Centre, we use musical instruments which cause harmonical results. Whistle or blow toys are a great option.

Oral skills can greatly be improved with this form of activity like blowing bubbles. Oral motor input is important for self-calming. Every parent desire their children to be able to blow birthday candles.  Most children pickup naturally but children with Autism and ADHD may need little help.

Gum massage is a simple effective way for oral stimulation.

Blowing powder or paper or balloons is very beneficial in process of speech therapy for children under age of 5.

Drinking with strains requires a lot of oral motor work. The cheeks tighten; the togue tightens, retracts and lips push. It is a great activity for the togue and the cheeks.

Blowing dandelion seeds off the seed head is a great activity for speech. The number of blows it takes to blow off all the seeds is a time children feel as if they are in fairyland.

We can also use straw for making painting and it also improves oral mechanism. It also improves our respiratory organs and coordination through all the parts of body.

We can also use thermocol balls with straw. It also improves speech of kid.

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