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Common Behavioral Issues in Children

Behavioral issues beyond the normal growing pains of childhood. Sometimes, behavior problems can indicate a more serious problem that may need professional help. Understanding common behavioral disorders in children is helpful for understanding their behavior.

These five signs could indicate that your child may be suffering from a behavior disorder. These signs are intended to help you identify your current concerns and allow you to seek professional advice.

1. Defiance

There are many possible causes for disruptive behavior disorders, but the most common ones include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional Defiant Disorders (ODD), and Conduct Disorder (CD). These disorders often have overlapping symptoms. In cases of ODD and CD, excessive refusal to obey authority figures can be seen.

2. Inattention

Children have a tendency to struggle with concentration from time to time, particularly if they are distracted. ADHD may indicate that your child is having trouble concentrating or moving from one task to the next without finishing any. Overactivity and impulsivity may also be signs of ADHD.

3. Physical Aggression

Physical aggression can range from tantrums to negative interactions and interactions with other children. This behavior must be addressed. CD can lead to the harming of animals, as well. You may experience an increase in fighting and destructiveness, as well as disobedience.

4. Blaming Others

Are they quick to blame others when your child is in trouble? While it’s natural for children to try to avoid trouble, this behavior will be more obvious. You are looking for a lack of responsibility and refusal to admit to mistakes.

5. Antisocial Behavior

CD boys, especially, are more likely to be antisocial. CD and ODD are more common in children who display severe antisocial behavior from early childhood. Repeated violations of social rules will be evident. This will lead to defiance of authority, disregard for others and other behaviors.

Children with behavioral issues can cause stress and frustration in the family. Brain Balance is a solution for children suffering from behavioral disorders. So, you can visit our Centre Global Child Wellness Centre.

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